Dr Vidhu wadhwa


Pathology Landmark Hospital Service

Dr. Vidhu Wadhwa

MBBS, MD Pathology

In Landmark hospital, the Pathology Department is responsible for various diagnostic services related to the study of diseases and medical conditions. Pathologists working in hospitals play a crucial role in patient care, offering diagnostic insights that guide treatment decisions. Pathologists examine tissue samples, body fluids, and cells collected during biopsies, surgeries, or autopsies to identify the presence and characteristics of diseases. This information helps guide patient treatment plans and prognosis.They oversee and interpret the results of laboratory tests, such as blood tests, urine tests, and other diagnostic procedures.Pathologists perform autopsies to determine the cause of death and to understand the disease’s impact on the deceased person’s organs and tissues. This is essential for both legal and medical purposes.

Pathology Services and Expert Care at Landmark Hospital.

Expert Pathologists
Molecular Pathology
Surgical Pathology
Clinical Pathology

Pathology-Guided Therapeutic Approaches at Landmark Hospital

Utilizing pathology results to tailor treatments based on individual patient characteristics, such as genetic mutations or biomarkers. Using drugs or therapies that specifically target disease-causing molecules identified through pathology testing. Offering specialized cancer treatment options based on pathology findings, including surgical, radiation, and medical oncology. Incorporating emerging treatment approaches based on pathology research and advancements. Working closely with other medical specialties to provide multidisciplinary care plans. Offering patients opportunities to participate in cutting-edge clinical trials and research studies. Regularly evaluating treatment effectiveness through pathology assessments. Providing comprehensive care that addresses the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of the patient’s well-being.
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