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MBBS, MS Orthopedics
DEPARTMENT: Orthopedics & Trauma Management
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Orthopedic & Trauma Management


Dr. Parminder Singh

MBBS, MS Orthopeadics


Dr. Harsimran Singh

MBBS, MS Orthopeadics

Welcome to Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement

Orthopedic and trauma management is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of injuries and disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system. This specialty focuses on the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves that allow us to move and function. Orthopedic and trauma management encompasses a wide range of conditions, including fractures, dislocations, sprains, strains, ligament tears, tendon injuries, spine disorders, sports injuries, and degenerative diseases such as arthritis. The management of these conditions involves both nonsurgical and surgical approaches, depending on the severity and complexity of the injury or disorder.Orthopedic surgeons and specialists use various diagnostic tools such as X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans, and physical examinations to accurately diagnose musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.Treatment approaches can vary based on the specific condition and its severity. Non-surgical methods may include physical therapy, pain management, bracing, and medications. If surgery is necessary, orthopedic surgeons perform procedures to repair fractures, reconstruct damaged ligaments, or replace joints.

Welcome to Orthopeadics & Joint Replacement

Best Hospital for Orthopeadics & Joint Replacement in TRICITY offers a comprehensive approach for the treatment of all Orthopeadics Conditions, which are those conditions that are related to one’s Bones, Joints & Musculoskeletal System. With a team of experts backed by the latest technology & modern infrastructure; we are equipped to manage all minor to major Orthopeadics conditions & sports injuries.of experts backed by the latest technology & modern infrastructure; we are equipped to manage all minor to major orthopaedic conditions & sports injuries.

With advanced procedures like Joint Replacement Surgeries, Complex Trauma Surgeries, Revisions Surgeries, Treatment of Complex Fractures, Congenital Conditions, etc; we ensure our patients get back to their normal lifestyle, with comprehensive rehabilitation services & pain management. Our specialized team also works on managing:

Here are some of the services and approaches offered by our Orthopedic Surgery Joint Replacement Department:

Joint Replacement
Physical Therapy
Orthopedic Surgery
Fractures and Dislocations
Appropriate Treatment

Orthopedic Surgery Joint Replacement ​ in a Hospital Setting Typically Involves the Following:

Joint Replacement
Pediatric Trauma
Arthroscopy + Sports Injury Centre
Spine Trauma + Microscopic Destentmy
Deformity Correction
State of The Art Trauma Centre

Orthopeadics Surgery Joint Replacement ​ in a Hospital Setting Typically Involves the Following:

Joint stiffness or swelling


Neck pain

Slipped disc


Orthopedic Surgery Joint Replacement ​ in a Hospital Setting Typically Involves the Following:

Best TKR & Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital

Joint Replacement Surgeries are performed when one’s joints have undergone excessive damage or deterioration due to certain conditions or lifestyle factors. In these surgeries, either a part of the complete joint or the whole joint is replaced with a prosthesis or implant. These implants could be both biological or metallic and are decided upon basis the extent of damage, the patient’s parameters, and more; on recommendation from a specialist.
The different types of Joint Replacement Surgeries include Knee Replacement, Shoulder Replacement, Hip Replacement and more. In this, depending on the skills of the orthopedic surgeons and the advanced technology being used, a patient can recover faster and get back to their normal routines.
With the highest levels of safety in Modular OT with Laminar Flow, these procedures are conducted to ensure least infections and a seamless surgical experience; that ensures a patient goes through less hassle and can live a pain-free life sooner.
The prosthetics used are of international standards, to ensure maximum longevity of the joints, reducing the need for Frequent Revision Surgeries.


Total Knee Replacement Surgery (TKR)

Hip Reconstruction and Replacement Surgery

Partial Knee Resurfacing

Ligament tears (MCL, ACL, PCL)


Elbow Replacement Surgery

Meniscus Tears

1.1 Hip Replacement Surgeries

This procedure is performed to remove those parts of the hip, which are damaged or degenerated. An artificial joint is placed in its place that helps to improve joint smoothness, function, and reduce pain.
This surgery is required for those whose hip pain is interfering with their regular routine and is not subsiding despite other medicines or therapies.
Symptoms to consult a hip specialist:

  •  Persists, despite pain medication
  •  Worsens with walking, even with a cane or walker
  •  Interferes with your sleep
  •  Makes it difficult to get dressed
  •  Affects your ability to go up or down stairs
  •  Makes it difficult to rise from a seated position

1.2. Knee Replacement Surgeries

This procedure is done to get rid of pain & restore mobility in one’s knees. The process involves taking out the damaged bone in the knee and replacing it with an artificial joint.
Symptoms to consult with a Knee Specialist:

  • Severe knee pain
  • Trouble while climbing stairs, walking, getting in & out of cars, etc
  • Knee pain even at rest

Shoulder & Other Replacement Surgeries

There are many other replacement surgeries that are conducted like Shoulder, Ankle, etc., which helps to reduce overall pain in the joints, weakness & stiffness. At Park Hospital, we provide a whole range of sizes for the implants and superior outcomes, with the support of advanced technology & infrastructure, combined with the expertise of our surgeons

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